Other Rosehaughs

Apparently this is not the only Rosehaugh to be found worl-wide. We received the following reference from Peter Wells in New Zealand: In the suburb of Karori, Wellington, New Zealand there are two streets called Rosehaugh Avenue and Seaforth Terrace. These streets were named by the family of James Mackenzie from which, through the adoption of my father, I am descended. James and his family came out from Scotland to New Zealand on the ship Robert Henderson in 1858. When James and his brother Thomas (who briefly became Prime Minister of New Zealand in 1912) arrived in Wellington they bought an estate at Karori which they named Rosehaugh - I have a photograph of the house. Part of the Rosehaugh Estate was sold to Wellington City Council to become Karori Cemetery and the balance was sub-divided for housing following the death of James in 1928.