Our three cygnets on the Avoch Burn

Location of Avoch and the Black Isle

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What’s new

New section on education added - much more still to be published, particularly photos of classes and their teachers from times gone by. But see how discipline was kept in the classroom (in case you don’t remember), bring back memories of the school dentist, and worse still, school dinners!


A great place to visit

Visit Avoch for a step back in time, in this beautiful Black Isle fishing village on Avoch from the airthe Moray Firth coast. History, walks, cycling, or enjoy the natural heritage. Enjoy a meal in one of the eating places, or stay a night or two for a tranquil break 

Sir Alexander Mackenzie - Voyageur

See our display depicting the travels and exploits of Sir Alexander Mackenzie, who came to Avoch in his final years. The material was the subject of an exhibition in Avoch in 1998, and is currently on loan to the Clan Mackenzie Association.

The streets of Avoch

Forget the Streets of San Francisco - see the streets of Avoch instead - through the eyes of early cameramen (and women) of times gone by. 

Avoch past and present

Through our pictures, articles and timeline, look at the development of the village of Avoch over the past 800 years.


Rosehaugh House

See something of the grandeur and history Rosehaugh Houseof this splendid mansion, now sadly destroyed, and learn of the Fletcher family who made it possible. Truly a house of its time.

The house is the subject of a detailed and highly readable book by members of the Avoch Heritage Association, as well as of a summer exhibition. The book is currently out of print, but a re-print is being considered.

Old Avoch!

-Donald MacLemansee our photographs of Old Avoch - from the collection of Donald Macleman (shown). See what you recognise!


See something of the hard life that was the mainstay of village life not so long ago in our section on fishing.


Farming has been evident in the area for the past 5000 years - see something of that history and how farming has come to be such an important industry in the area